Profile of Michael V. Rodrigues – B.Sc.Eng. (Mech. & Elect.)

Michael is a successful professional aircraft design engineer & safe medical cure inventor, keeping British technology ahead of the world. Michael has a commendable track record a few examples of which are cited below:-

Aircraft Design: Michael has worked as a design/stress engineer on civilian & military aircraft with top British aircraft teams at Handley Page, Fairey Aviation, & Westland Helicopters, on the Gannet, Fairey Rotodyne, Scout, Wasp, and the worlds fastest Lynx Helicopter. Michael was on the original Lynx design team carrying out engineering design calculations on the fuselage, tailboom, tailplane & skid undercarriage Michael’s invention. 


Michael’s skid undercarriage no front cross bar to enhance speed & radar logistics.

The Lynx is the fastest helicopter in the world – 4oo kilometer

The Lynx fastest helicopter in the world – 400 KPH, 250MPH Speed Record has never been broken.
In service in most countries of the world – Royal Danish Airforce have 8 Super Lynx


Lynx - the fastest helicopter in the world – 4oo kilometers/hr

Lynx - successful war service in Falklands, Gulf & Kosovo.


The Fairey Rotodyne

Rotodyne a hybrid between passenger plane & helicopter.


Westland Wasp a Royal Navy Anti-submarine Helicopter.  

Two  HMS Endurance Wasps crippled the Santa Fe  Argentine sub in Falklands

Electricity Projects:

Blythe “B” Electricity Power Station

View of Turbine / Generator Hall

Michael was team Chief Instrumentation Design Engineer on 660 Megawatt Blythe “B” Electric Power Station which was the second biggest in Britain. So, remember each time you switch-on a light, it’s Engineers like Michael that provide the Electricity.

Domestic Appliance Design:

Heritage Hoover Building on A40 Perivale

600 staff worked at this plant in it’s hey day

Michael was employed as a new product design engineer at the sucessful Hoovers at Perivale, England.

Petrochem Projects:

As a Consultant Design Engineer with design teams on numerous International, Petrochem Refinery Projects including the ICI Nylon Fibres Plant in Bilton, and British contractors including, CJB, Procon, Stone & Webster, and Mathew Hall.


Managing Director / Chief Designer – Supertron Ltd. – a New Product Research, Design and Development British Company.

The Institute of Inventors -

Founded by Michael in 1964, the IoI with over 1557 members is the largest Inventor Club in the world. Member services include Invention Evaluation, World Product & Patent Searches, Airtight Patent Specs & Drawings, Rapid Prototype Design & Production, Funding & Licencing. The IoI have unparalelled invention acumen and competence to optimise the success for inventions with merit to reach the “honey pot” in industry.

Successful Patented Inventions & Achievements of Michael:

IJS- Instant Jump Startfor relief of Flat Battery Syndrome in Motor Vehicles.

Mobile phone invention technology

Sold to Motorola – USA for £75,000 +

Granted Patent No. GB2201866B Long battery life mobile technology patent

First licensed to Novatel – Canada – £21,000 and Patent sold to Motorola for £75,000 + $26,000 for 2 Intellectual Property Business trips to USA.

Money Spinner Game – Business Game of pure Business acumen and skill.

Quadratic EngineGranted Patent WO 9115663 Pratt & Witney paid Michael $150,000 in Aug. 90 for 40 hours evaluation assistance. A 2.5 litre working prototype was produced and tested in December 1991 (video recorded). The Quad Engine was superseded by the Sat Engine.

Satellite EngineGranted Patented GB 2 295 857 In November 1996 a USA electric power company paid Michael $50,000 partly covering cost of first working 5 litre Prototype Sat engine - a fuel efficient, quiet, pollution free, 4-stroke rotating piston internal combustion engine.

3 of 20 Sat Team Members
Left – Ami Keren – Full time Car Mechanic Specialises in BMW and Mercedes Car repairs
Centre – Ian King – Full time Design Engineer on Special Purpose Machinery.
Ian worked on the Satellite Engine and the QE - Quadratic Engine predecessor
Right – Darron Rodrigues – Full Time Software Designer Graduate Electronics Engineer.
Darron designed the first Computer Animation of  the QE & Sat Engine.

Sat Compressor

Satellite Compressor

Sat Compressor compact design led to
Development of the simpler much higher power density Gigadron hydraulics technology – see below.

Cut-away shows internal parts of Mk10 Gigadron prototype.

Shows four double acting pistons in one cylinder.

The Gigadron is a high density Hydraulic Motor designed to supplant internal combustion & turbo jet engines, being a fraction of their size, weight & cost, and start new Aviation Era of Safe Vertical Take-off and Landing Airliners that could emergency land on a football pitch.

Video of first working prototype of Gigadron motor.

The Gigadron’s through power shaft can change rotation without modification.
Lateral Action Rotor Seal – proven sealing pressures of 286 bar with almost zero friction,
yet simpler & cheaper than radial seals.
Invented for high pressure sealing of Gigadron hydraulic motor & pump -
Lateral Action Rotor Seal Patent GB2460353B  was Granted in 21 weeks – a world record?

Gigadron Spin-off - AWG – Atmospheric Water Generators is a refrigeration heat pump driven by a Gigadron fuelled by the energy of hot dessert air; can extract water from the dessert air in oasis quantities to change hot arrid desserts into lush green pastures of fruit, vegetable, grain & livestock for mankind’s hungry, homeless & poor.

Telyfone™ is a User Ready Laptop Size Internet Videophone Ready to make Free Global Videophone calls.
Supreme Wall Screws - Rubber coated screws (that secures stuff) directly onto walls & ceilings without wallplugs – click Video
World Record for Patent Grant – 20 weeks!

Michael (aged 17) invented Collateralism a new economic concept which
gives any state immediate income for defence, policing, & welfare benefits!
Proliferating income from 9% of state collateral (plus £5M+ millionaires)!
Enough money to end evil income tax, corporation tax, VAT and NIC!
Evil taxes that cause recession, inflation, unemployment & budget deficits!
Deficits cause harmful expense cuts, demos, unrest, riots & casualties.

Swimming - strong swimmer trained by competition swimmers, life saved 6 persons from drowning – 2 in the sea & 4 at Swim Pools.
coached in 10 minutes by Wimbledon player Saeed Meer, Michael hit 142mph ace serves at London Premier League Matches.
He is the 1978 Isle of Wight Champion. His wide high kick serves are 2 meters out of reach!  He invented  demolish fast servers & ace drop shots.
a very high standard coached by Azam Khan. – a World & British Open Squash Legend.
Rowing –
won 4 cups as Stroke in coxed racing fours. Winning Tip! Go all out for ultra- fast start/lead and keep gap ahead till end of race. 

Michael self taught at 15, learned Chords/Jazz harmonies. An impressive Yamaha PSR S950 Keyboardist  ballroom dance & jazz standards;
Has made several CDs with oomph & pezzaz. Michael has played electric guitar & piano on Radio, in dance bands & East End Pubs – London.
He is a Composer/Lyricist of  “In London there’s no Fog”, “It’s Good to Talk” & “I Like Music when I Work”.

Ballroom Dance Champions: Michael/spouse Ulla have won dozens of trophies on English Competition Ballroom & Latin Dance Circuits, including 5 times English Riviera Champions, & Vice Champions 1990 Blackpool Champions of Tomorrow – 142 couples competed. Michael & Danish Ulla were coached by six top English World Professional Champion couples and still have weekly lessons.

Physics: Michael aged 17, discovered What is temperature? & Orbiting Electron Frequency  Concept to explain precise nature of  Heat  Thermodynamics, Radiation, Conduction, Adiabatics, Nuclear Energy, Boyles & Charles Laws. Temperature is measured in Gigacycles/sec),
OEF Laws Expose Einstein’s Genius Absurd Hoax SciFi Space/Time Warp Theories & Quantum/Fusion Physicist frauds –

Ebola Virus & Cancer Cures  Michael has discovered several painfree, drug free, side effect free remedies, which have cured him & dozens of friends/acquaintances of Arthritis & Influenza Virus, for which doctors say there is no cure. Influenza & all Virus Cures work using HIAF - Heat Induced Artificial Fever which instantly stops replication# of all viruses (HIV & malignant cancer cells) for their short life span under 4 hours.
HIAF or fever does not kill viruses, but stops replication. No DNA cells/viruses can replicate at fever temperatures. When only dead viruses are left, the immune system kicks in to produce antibodies. Patients recover quickly with no pain, no aches, & no side effects. In the year 2000, the immune system kicked in for 200 Gulu Africans who fought off the Ebola  infection, unknowingly, yet instinctively produced a HIAF by wearing  jackets
& blankets in equatorial tropical heat, because they felt very cold, so mother nature called for a  fever. Fever stops viral replication.

In cold countries HIAF apparatus needs precision control and is slightly expensive. For the equatorial tropics IoI can quickly design a cheap disposable HiAf means to help save the lives of thousands of potential Ebola victims. Please phone us.

It is unfortunate that millions die daily of Cancer, HIV & Viral Infections, when Michael has known about the HIAF cure for over 30 years. Rumour has it that cancer charities/consultants’ vested interest don’t want a cure found.

Free 4 Hour Cancer Clinics  Michael aims to set up free Cancer Cure Clinics in the UK & world, where any one regardless of status, can receive
a 4 hour Cancer Cure, no drugs, no medication, no injections, no pain & no fees, funded from £ Billions earned from inventions.

PS The IoI is close to finding a drug free cure for Glaucoma.

Institute of Inventors
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