World’s Best Patent Service & Patent Grant Success Rate

IoI has the World’s Best Patent Grant Success Rate – 90%. (Patent Attorneys under 8%).
Why? Only IoI evaluate* inventions for Commercial Viability, Feasibility & Novelty!

*Invention Evaluation is not offered by patent attorneys.
IoI have the World’s fastest Grant Times - 22 weeks.   - patent attorneys take 3 to 6 years.

The IoI excel in preparing airtight patents giving maximum invention infringement protection .
If claims are too broad, grant may be denied due to more anticipations cited.
If  claims are too narrow, protection may be legally infringed by small changes.

The IoI provide a high caliber, air-tight, inexpensive patenting service
for members – a service unobtainable anywhere else in the world.

As well as providing invention evaluation, we provide a unique ingenuitation service
of  improving half-baked amateur ideas into re-inventedvaluable engineered inventions.

IoI Patents are filed in inventors own name & address -
This permits inventor to speak* directly to Patent Office Examiners/staff.
If you use a patent attorney you are barred from speaking to IPO Examiners.
Patent attorneys charge £120 + to re-post a letter to you from the Patent Office, + etra to deal with letter

Below are 
Patents Prepared & filed by IoI.

To view IoI Published Patent Specs & Drawingshover on a GB Patent No, when “a hand” appears, double click 
Only IoI Proficient Patenting dare display published pat specs & drawings of our exellent workmanship on our web site.

Invention Title / Royalties / Web Pic GB Patent No. Inventor Status
Pivoting Skip Loader GB2425117 (B) A. Forbes-Buthlay Patent Granted
Motorised paint roller 

Rejuvenating Cosmetic

GB2452478 (B) 



Ann Sundaresan 

Ann Sundaresan

Patent Granted
Patent Granted
Roof Truss Spacer Fixture GB 2454265 (B) David McCann Patent Granted
Photo Bracelet GB2412836 A Kelly D. Bermon Withdrawn by Inventor
Massage roll ball oil dispenser GB2374045 (B) Susan Clouston Patent Granted
Sanitary Pantie Gusset Liner GB2303291 (B) Virginia Bliss Patent Granted
DLC Coated Dental Fill Tool GB2269105 (B) Dr. Joseph Franks Patent Granted
Macerating Extraction Pump GB2298679 (B) Timothy Oakley Patent Granted
Mobile Phone  £21,000 Licence fees from Novatel  Sold to Motorola – £75,000
GB2201866B ——————–
Michael V. Rodrigues———————–
Michael V. Rodrigues
Patent Granted—————————–
Supplanted by Copyright
High Pressure, High Speed Rotary Shaft Seal GB2460353B Michael V. Rodrigues Granted in 21 weeks
Resiliently coated screw  Shelf Test Video GB2443131B Michael V. Rodrigues Granted in 20 weeks
User ready laptop videophone GB2440976 (A) Michael V. Rodrigues Pending
Internet telephone GB2338863 (B) Michael V. Rodrigues  Patent Granted
Satellite Engine Photos $50,000 Prototype fees, GB2295857 (B) Michael V. Rodrigues Patent Granted
Quadratic Engine $150,000 P&W Prototype fees GB2242706 (B) Michael V. Rodrigues Patent Granted
Instant Jump Start  Web Photo GB2220112 (B) Michael V. Rodrigues Patent Granted
Turbofan jet engine fail-proof blade to disc joints GB2475008 (B) Michael V. Rodrigues Granted in 24 weeks
Hand & Armpit Support Stair Climbing Aid GB2475178B Cliff Goodenough Granted in 1 year

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 IoI are not invention brokers and do not accept shares of members’ inventions.
Gifts of saisfaction for briliant IoI services are accepted  & welcome.

Institute of Inventors is a voluntary, non profit instition, established 1964,
ubsidised by Professional Inventor – Michael V Rodrigues - Founder President
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