World Patent & Product Search Service

After an initial successful evaluation where the 4 invention success criteria of
1) it’s new, 2), it works 3) its competitive and 4) it’s profitable,
are satisfied, the next step is to carry out a thorough
product and patent search to make sure that no prior art exists.

Just because you haven’t seen your new invention idea in the market place,
doesn’t mean a patent hasn’t been filed for it.
If prior art does exist for your invention, you have 2 options,
either drop the invention project, or use the information to improve your invention,
so when it comes to filing a patent for your invention,
you can quote the prior art and say why yours is different and better.

A World Patent and Product Search costs £140 to members of  the Institute of Inventors.

To take advantage of this service, please use the payment options below.

1. By Phone

Call us on 0208 998 4372 with your credit card details and
a list of keywords describing use and essential components of your invention idea

2. Online

Use the PayPal link below. In the notes to seller box, give your phone number and
list keywords describing use and essential components comprising invention

World Patent & Product Search
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Search Fee includes a print-out of the on-line Search results and
print-outs of any patents of close anticipations, if found.
Fee does not include translations of foreign language Patents.

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