Benefits of Joining The Institute of Inventors

To avail yourself of any of the services provided by The IoI you must first join.

On joining your  invention/new idea will be be evaluated free for merit and value,
particularly to see if it satisfies our four essential points to check your invention’s merit:

  1. It must be new
  2. It must work
  3. It must be commercially viable
  4. It must be better than competitive products on the market.

A confidential evaluation of your new idea is given in just a few minutes over the phone.
The IoI is the only organisation with experience & knowledge able to give a free
true full technical invention evaluation. Providing the invention satisfies all three conditions,
we then advise the next step and provide subsidised invention services
saving inventors thousands of pounds.

To Join
Joining the Institute of Inventors is easy. There are 2 ways you can join

1. By Phone
Call us on 0208 998 4372 with your visa, credit card, or amex details to hand.

2. Online
Use the PayPal link below

Membership Fees

Please click, print, complete, sign the Enrolment Form   and send to us
(together with online payment receipt*)  by post & card*
details if you chose not to pay online.
Click for Membership Enrolment Form

Click for Confidential Disclosure & Invention Evaluation Form

What does it cost

UK Inventor membership is £120 for the first year, then £40 per year renewal after that.

Inventors get 1st invention evaluation free per year.
Additional invention evaluations are £40 per invention.

Overseas Membership fee is GB£200, and annual renewal fee of GB£60, if required.

Additional invention evaluation fees for overseas members GB£60.

Conditions of Membership
When you submit your payment and enrolment form to the Institute of Inventors,
you agree to the following four conditions:

In joining I accept IoI Conditions of Membership which are:-
1. Complete confidence in honesty & integrity of President & IoI personnel.
2. Membership is not an automatic guarantee for financial success.
3. IoI do not accept unlawful & obscene inventions.
4. No Refund* of Joining Fee
5. Except paid contracts, all communication# must be by mob & phone.

# 2-way phone is quick & cheap; emails are costly and often misunderstood.
* This is a “business to business” contract so ”Distance Selling Regulations” do not apply.

Click here for Profile of President – Michael V. Rodrigues

Institute of Inventors
A non-profit inventor club established 1964
President – Michael V. Rodrigues – B.Sc. Eng. (Mech & Elect)
19-21-23 Fosse Way, Ealing, London W13 0BZ

Tel: #44 (0)20 8998 6372, #44 (0)20 8998 4372 email:
Phone any day, anytime, weekends & evenings up to 8 p.m.