Ebola Virus Cure – Free of Charge to WorldCure in few words? Supply all Ebola infected with Disposable Sleeping Bags  Tog 13 to 15!
Years, ago Michael invented HFR - Hold Fever Remedy, for Influenza Virus. He, family & friends get cured in 4 hours – no side effects!
HFR can work for all viruses of DNA cell origin, including the Ebola virus – - also in 4 hours with no side effects!.

How HFR works
a. When infected by a virus they have survived in the past, antibodies are produced that kill the virus, and the person is unharmed.
b. If  infected by a new virus, antibodies are not produced, but the viruses replicatesplit to form two viruses, to multiply again & again.
c. When the virus population is high the body uses an ancient defence and produces a fever – a high temperature.
d. Why? Because at fever temperatures, replication/to multiply stops and cannot take place.
e. NB The fever temperature does not kill the virus, but more importantly stops virus replication – ability to multiply again & again.
f. Fortunately viruses have a short life – under 4 hours, and die only if the fever temperature is held for 4 hours max?
g. When only dead viruses are left, the body produces antibodies that kill that virus strain if infected again.
h. If the fever is held for 4 hours by HFR- Sleeping Bag Tog 13 to 15,  the patient recovers quickly with no pain, no aches, & no side effects.
i. Unfortunately if the fever temperature comes down before all viruses die, viruses still alive will replicate again and the patient gets a relapse.
j. When the patient gets relapses, the fever temperature will go up & down untill either the patient succumbs or the viruses die.
k. The Cure is to supply Ebola infected persons with Disposable Sleeping Bags  Tog 13 to 15. - Employ the immune to help supply the infected!

Proof : In 2000, Gulu, Uganda, the Ebola virus  infected 425 people. 200 survived. One survivor Walter’s Key words is proof that HFR works.
The survivor Walter, said “The first symtom was fever, fever was just too much, the temperature  went up and I was feeling,  just very cold.  I could put on jacket, shirt and coaty and the rest. I was covering myself. When I went for bed, I could cover myself  with four blankets, but I will still feel that it was still cold for me”. Walter survived because he used HFR - the Hold Fever Remedy, by covering himself up with ”jacket, shirt, coaty and the rest, and four blankets”, because  he “was feeling, just very cold”. Cold?  In Gulu equatorial heat? Walter feeling very cold responded to natures last defence –  HFR - the Hold Fever Remedy Hold Fever to stop virus replication until they die in 4 hours max! 

 Q How does patient know when they are cured? 
A Simple back of hand on forehead test!
When forehead feels warm one still needs fever.
When forehead feels cold & one feels hot & begins to sweat they are cured.

The Ebola Virus Cure is given Free of Charge to the World.
Our reward is being informed that HFR - the Hold Fever Remedy saved the lives of people in your Nation.

After confirmation that many lives were definitely saved by our  HFR -  Hold Fever Remedy in your Nation,
The Institute of Inventors will welcome voluntary donations as a token of appreciation of the lives saved by our cure.