Institute of Inventors World’s Largest – 1783 members, established 1964,
now free for engineer Inventors only with user friendly inventions, that
make our planet a wonderful place to live in.

Founder President & funder Michael V Rodrigues BSc Engineer (Mechan & Electrical)
Michael is the world’s most prolific multi-talent inventor  see profile.

IoI have a record high patent grant success rate – 90%. (Patent Attorneys – 3%).
IoI have record high fast grants 22 – 28 weeks.  (Patent Attorneys – 3 to 6 years).
IoI check if inventions work, are novel & will sell  (Pat Attorneys don’t & can’t ) 
IoI prepare airtight, concise Patent Specifications & Drawings in 1 to 3 days. 
See IoI prepared Granted Patents, go to ‘Granted IoI Patents‘. 

Rapid Prototype & Working Model Service

The IoI have  a same day rapid prototyping service – prototype design & drawings,
IoI have In-house design & rapid prototype Work Shop facilities.  Plus same day
precision machine shop work – drilling, turning, milling, CNC machining,
sheet metal fabrication & welding.

IoI Ingenuitation of Half-baked ideas?
IoI “Ingenuitation” re-invent half-baked ideas into comercially viable products.

IoI never takes any share of any members’ invention/s.

 Institute of Inventors   
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Phone any day – 8 to 8 p.m.     emailmikinvented@aol.com

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