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IoI – Institute of Inventors

A voluntary, non profit, Inventors’ Club giving members the best subsidised, affordable,
Patent Specs/Drawings/Filing, Invention Evaluation/World Searches & Rapid Ingenious Models.

IoI is the World’s Largest Active Inventor Institute  (enrolled members exceeds 1580).
The IoI is subsidised by Founder President Michael V. Rodrigues
B.SC. Eng. (Mech & Elect)
Michael is a successful, Professional Aircraft Design Engineer / Inventor – click profile.

IoI offers Business Services to Inventors – one of the Highest Paid Professions. 
IoI has the Highest Patent Grant Success Rate – 90%. (others have 1 to 8%). Why?
IoI Evaluates members’ invention for Novelty & Viability to Work, Compete & Sell.
IoI gets Record Quick Patent Grants as quick as 22 weeks.  (others take 3 to 6 years).

To Join in 10 minutes – phone 020 8998 6372 with your card.

IoI does not accept cheques or cash; nor visits by non-members proposing to join after an interview.
Free Visits: IoI members are entitled to unlimited free consultations & visits by appointment at short notice.

The IoI has acumen, expertise & experience not offered by others:-

  1. Invention evaluation for Novelty, Viability to Work, Compete & Sell.
  2. World patent & product search prior to paying for a patent.
  3. Concise, Airtight Patent Application, Spec & Drawings - see List of Patents Filed.
  4. Ingenuitation re-inventing members ideas – see below 3rd paragraph
  5. Rapid invention prototypes
  6. Licensing & Invention funding advice
  7. Tips on starting a DIY Partnership - see below

IoI Patent Specifications / Drawings Acumen, Speed & Low cost.
The IoI specialise in quick, high acumen airtight patents at affordable prices.

IoI holds Quickest Patent Grant World Record - 22 weeks. Most Grants takes 3 to 6 years.   
Only IoI have the Acumen to give Links to IoI drafted, members’ published patents.
To see examples of IoI drafted, Members’ Published Patents, go to Patent Service page. 

Rapid Prototype & Working Model Service

The IoI offer a same day rapid prototyping service – prototype design & drawings,
IoI have In-house design & rapid prototype Work Shop facilities.  Plus same day
precision machine shop work - drilling, turning, milling, CNC machining,
sheet metal fabrication & welding.

IoI Ingenuitation of Half-baked ideas?
IoI “Ingenuitation” re-invents half-baked ideas into valuable re-engineered products.

Beware Invention Brokers & Unscruplous Patent Attorneys
Beware Invention Brokers & Promoters – almost all are scams.
Beware Patent Attorneys using the “Confidentiality Rip-off Ploy” and no Invention Evaluation.

IoI are not invention brokers and do not accept shares of members’ inventions.

Gifts of saisfaction for briliant IoI services are accepted  & welcome.

Institute of Inventors is a voluntary, non profit institution, established 1964,
 Subsidised by Professional Inventor – Michael V Rodrigues - Founder President
19-21 Fosse Way, Ealing, London W13 0BZ

Tel: #44 (0)20 8998 6372, 6372, #44 (0)20 8998 4372  email – too much spam – please phone
Phone any day, anytime, weekends & evenings up to 8 p.m.